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Mystery Illness

A mystery illness in one in which many doctors have been consulted, many tests have been run, many conditions have been ruled out and the underlying pathology remains elusive.  In other words, the patient just does not feel good and no one knows why.  Eastern Medicine's approach of re-balancing the body (yin & yang) may bring relief in symptoms that have yet to be defined within a Western Medical diagnosis.  Following the principles of Eastern Medicine and diagnosing imbalances in the channel and organ systems is a wonderful way to support the innate healing opportunity everybody and every body contains.  In ancient times, acupuncturist were fired for allowing illness to progress.  In modern times, medical systems wait until illness has been established in order to provide healthcare.  If you are not feeling well, utilizing ancient healing arts may help get your body back on the track to wellness.  In the Eastern paradigm, the five components of health include:  proper nutrition, staying hydrated, exercise appropriate for you, keeping stress down/ nurturing your mental health plus physical medicine (which includes:  acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, Feldenkrais, reiki, chi gong, Rolfing, Hanna Somatics, craniosacral work, Emotional Freedom Technique - tapping, meditation/ prayer, breath work, yoga, gua sha, cupping, shiatsu, acupressure, light therapy, aroma therapy, grounding, beach and forest walking,  ad infinitum).

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